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If something seems to be missing in an otherwise well-decorated room, chances are an area rug will be your solution. Oriental, inlaid, flat-woven: With so many styles to choose from, how do you know which style will work for you? Let us help you out with that: Flat-weaves are the way the to go. What's the allure? They're relatively affordable, come in the boldest patterns and colors, are easy to maintain and are a blessing for allergy sufferers. Plus, since they're so flat—with zero pile to deal with—they can slide into any space.

Read on for more reasons as to why flat-weaves are at the top of our area rug list:

  • They are handmade from natural fibers such as wool, jute or cotton.
  • Bedroom, living room or even a nursery, flat-weave rugs can work in virtually any space. But the best room for the style: The dining room. It can be difficult to slide dining chairs in and out when the rug has a high pile. But flat-weave rugs have definitely carved out a niche market, making sure that having a seat at the dinner table is no longer a tug-of-war game with a thick rug.
  • Because of their flat pile, flat-weave rugs are easier to keep clean, are durable, and don't hold in dust.
  • These rugs are also known for their amazing patterns. Their bold imprints turn the floor into a focal point, forcing you to look down. (Style tip: When choosing a pattern, consider the style of your room. For classic or nautical-inspired rooms, a striped flat-weave rug works well. For a bold pop in your living or dining room, add a geometric print in a contrasting color scheme to make a strong statement.)

Have we convinced you yet? Find the perfect flat-weave rug to suit your space in our Rugs 101 sale, happening now!




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